Discover the best of the activities you can find in Indonesia throughout your journey aboard Adelaar. We will adapt the selection of activities offered during the cruise, to make your holiday in Indonesia unique and tailored to your needs!

Above & Below water

The Komodo National Park and the Alor Archipelago are both strategically located in the Coral Triangle. The incredible underwater life enables you to do many activities and attracts divers from around the world, who come for a look below the surface. Above the water, we invite you to snorkel, explore by kayak or Stand-Up-Paddle board. Since Adelaar exclusive liveaboard has been cruising these waters for the past 25 years, we consider ourselves quite the expert in these areas of Indonesia.


Treks & Land excursions

Culturally diverse, and rich in natural history, the vast Indonesian Archipelago is yours to explore. With more than 17,000 islands, the possible activities are limitless. As we travel east of the Wallace Line, the topography, flora and fauna differ greatly from that of Bali. The area also known as the ‘ring of fire’, is home to Indigenous tribes, Ikat weavers, headhunting warriors, traditional whalers and Komodo Dragons.


Activities in Indonesia – Above & Below water

Both Komodo and Alor are well known for swift currents. As these currents bring in a continuous flow of nutrients, they feed the amazing biodiversity. Our trips are focused on diving and snorkeling these waters.


Indonesia is located within the coral triangle. This area is offering pristine world-class dive sites, and lucky you, we know them all!
We strive to assure that each of your dives with the Adelaar, brings something special to remember. Our diving team customizes each trip to consider your experience level, and then matches it to your wish list. We do our best to satisfy the needs of our muck diving enthusiasts and try to offer our big fish seekers every chance to see pelagics! Of course, we have to point out that big fish love big currents. So be aware that these big fish dives can be a bit intimidating to a novice diver.


Among the many activities in Indonesia, we offer the possibility to explore the islands of the Komodo and Alor archipelagos by sea kayak. It could be that you find yourself paddling next to majestic mantas. Or perhaps, you are even overtaken by a pod of spinner dolphins. With a little more luck, you may see a dugong slowly surfacing to see what is going on. A two men kayak is available onboard Adelaar for our guests to use in suitable areas of the park.

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The entire Indonesian archipelago offers some superb snorkeling opportunities. Colorful, shallow reefs are teeming with an abundance of marine life. Glimpse into the amazing underwater world. Slowly glide over their habitat so as not to disturb the life below. Our snorkeling guides will escort you to the best and safest places.

Stand Up Paddle

For our non-diving guests, or those who simply cannot get enough of the water, why not try our Stand Up Paddle (SUP) boards. We have two SUP boards onboard for your use. While we would not recommend to launch the board close to the dragon’s lair, there are plenty of alternate places to paddle around.

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Activities in Indonesia – Treks & Land Excursions

We have put together a sample of our most popular land excursions. Let us customize an excursion tailored just for you!
With enough advance notice, we can organize most anything for your trip with us.

Dragons of Komodo & Rinca

(only on Komodo itineraries)
Meeting the Komodo Dragons is one of the most popular activities in Indonesia. The islands of Komodo and Rinca each have a ranger station which serves as a home base for a small group of Komodo National Park Rangers. Early morning is the best time to set out on a nature walk to explore these two preserved habitats of the world’s largest lizard. Weighing up to 350 pounds and with a total length of over 10 feet, these fearless hunters charge swiftly to bring down their prey.

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Padar Island

(only on Komodo itineraries)
One of the most scenic views of Komodo National Park!
The island of Padar sits between Komodo and Rinca islands. It once hosted a small group of Komodo Dragons. As Padar has some very nice beaches, guests enjoy the short hike ashore to cross over to the other side of the island for a spectacular sunset. If you happen to be there during full moon, you will be treated to a view of the rising moon as you cross back over to return to the Adelaar.

Pearl Farm in Pungu Island

(only on Komodo itineraries)
The Pinctada maxima oyster only grows in the most nutrient-rich waters, in the heart of the South Seas. This region stretches from south of China and Japan to north of Australia and from Vietnam in the west through to Papua New Guinea in the east. It is in this small pocket within the Indonesian Archipelago that the finest white and silver Atlas South Sea pearls are grown.

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Moyo Island

(only on itineraries starting/ending in Bali)
On our Bali to Komodo itineraries, we will make a stop on Moyo Island which sits just off the northern coast of Sumbawa.
Although Moyo used to be the hunting lodge of high ranking officials, it is now home to the beautiful Amanwana jungle resort of the Aman group as well as a couple of small local fishing villages. We suggest a visit to the village of Labuhan Haji. A scenic walk, through the village gives you an intimate glimpse of village life. Be prepared to be greeted by loads of laughing school children. An extended walk can be organized to the local waterfall.

Satonda Island

(only on itineraries starting or ending in Bali)
Satonda Island, a small volcanic island, is presently uninhabited, except for park officials. We will go ashore for a short walk from the beach to the lip of the caldera to view the large saltwater lake. The locals tell the story of the violent eruption of Mount Tambora, in 1815. Which created a tsunami that filled the crater with saltwater. Along the lake, the trees are said to be “wishing trees”. Visitors to the island tie a stone to the tree and make a wish. If it comes true, you are bound to return to the island to offer thanks. The island is also home for a colony of fruit bats. As we depart the island we are able to see the bats silhouetted against the sunset, as they take flight for the evening.

Sangeang Volcano

(only on Komodo itineraries)
An active volcano which belches smoke on many times a day. As we approach, you can see the ash path from the most recent eruption, cascading from the lip to the sea. Even if the island is mostly uninhabited, villagers from mainland Sumbawa come daily in small boats, to tend to gardens. There is a rather large herd of water buffalo (Kerbau) that lives in the forest along the shoreline. We know a special place ashore, with natural hot stones lying just below the sandy surface near the beach. Retaining their heat for quite some time, they are perfect for massages!

Whaling village of Lamalera

(on request, only on Alor itineraries)
A “traditional” whaling village on the south coast of Lembata. Lamalerans are whaling today largely as they have for centuries and are resisting suggestions and government prodding to change their ways. Travelers may find a visit to Lamalera fascinating, confronting or a bit of both.

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Alor – Ikats

(only on Alor itineraries)
A fading tradition is that of the ikats. These incredible pieces are hand woven by the ladies of the village, each taking for up to three months to complete. The cotton is spun, the dye is prepared while the threads are died and dried. Then the weaving can begin.
They weave, sitting for hours, with their legs stretched on the floor, underneath the ancient apparatus. The result is absolutely beautiful and differs from regency to regency, island to island, village to village, family to family. In this way, no piece is ever exactly the same.

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Takpala village

(only on Alor itineraries)
The Western part of the island of Alor is home to the largest ethnic group of the island, the Abui tribe. Although feared warriors until 1984, they are now peaceful. As we enter their traditional village of Takpala, the hypnotic sound of the moko drums played by the elders starts the opening ceremony. The Abui wear colorful ikats, as they dance the lego lego. The jingling sound of their metal anklets, eerily fills the air with each step. We hope their headhunting days were only a distant memory. This encounter with Alor’s indigenous tribe is a highlight of the Alor trip. Therefore, we consider it a privilege to be allowed a peak inside such a culturally rich area.

The happiness of the bee and the dolphin is to exist. For man it is to know that and to wonder at it.

Jacques Yves Cousteau

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