Further east from Komodo, along the northern coast of Flores, lies the bustling harbor town of Maumere, where our signature Alor trips begin.  From here, we travel even further eastwards towards Alor, stopping at each opportunity to peek below into the fascinating underwater world. Trip highlights include visiting local villages, experiencing traditional fishing techniques, and catching a glimpse of surfacing whales or super pods of dolphins. Visit this locale onboard Adelaar, for an intimate glimpse into what Alor has to offer.

Alor Archipelago (Maumere – Alor – Maumere)

12 days / 11 nights

Alor Archipelago (Maumere – Alor – Maumere)

12 days / 11 nights

Day 1: Maumere, Flores (2 dives)
An early morning flight from the island of Bali, brings you to the harbor town of Maumere on the island of Flores. You are greeted at the airport by our staff and transferred to the harbor where Adelaar is anchored. Once onboard, we plan to do check dives close by, then sail onwards through the night towards North Lembata.

Day 2: North Lembata (3 dives)
Awake and enjoy a coffee on deck as we start our first full day of diving in this remote location with stunning topographical features and beauty. The narrow strait allows for a steady flow of currents bringing deep water nutrients up to feed the lush corals and marine life. Off in the blue, pelagic creatures often make an appearance. In between dives, keep an eye on the horizon for passing cetaceans, as fall is whale migration season.

Day 3: Savu Sea (3-4 dives)
West of Pantar Island in the Savu Sea, world-class dive sites around the untouched islands, await us. These small islets tend to attract congregations of fish along the colorful Indian Ocean reefs.

Day 4: South Pantar (3 dives)
The small and remote village of Beangabang situated on a black sand beach, and built around a church, hosts the dive site appropriately named “Religious critters”. The volcanic fresh water source makes the site a haven for strange and unusual macro creatures of the sea.

Day 5 & 6: Pantar Strait (3-4 dives)
Several islands line the Straits of Pantar, where picturesque villages cling to their steep rocky slopes. We explore the underwater walls, drop-offs, slopes, valleys and ridges of the islands of Pantar, Alor and Pura. This region has a reputation as a world-class dive destination, with some of the best preserved reefs in Indonesia. During safety stops, we look up in search of the traditional hand-carved outrigger boats of the local fishermen. Their children love jumping in the water to visit surfacing divers, wearing incredible homemade glass goggles and big friendly smiles.

Day 7: Kalabahi Bay (3 dives)
This morning, we enter the village of the Abui tribe, fierce warriors until 1984. They welcome us in ceremonial dress and perform the lego lego, an ancient dance passed down through the generations. In the afternoon, our planned dives in Kalabahi Bay, will be refreshing after the morning excursion.

Day 8: Pantar Strait (3-4 dives)
Just off the shore of Pulau Ternate, dozens of women approach Adelaar displaying colorful ikats. Woven in unique patterns learned from their mothers, each textile can be traced back to a specific village, and are of course, for sale. The waters around the islands of Ternate and Reta are teaming with a huge range of fish species and marine life scattered along their walls.

Day 9: Komba Volcano (3 dives)
The remote Komba volcano rises majestically on the horizon, venting a plume of smoke which has been caught by the wind and streams off in the distance. Colorful coral thrives beneath the surface, starkly contrasting against the dark sand. Streams of bubbles, created when built up pressure is released, make their way to the surface, along the slopes of Komba.

Day 10 & 11: Maumere (4 dives)
Our next two days are spent exploring the dive sites in and around the expansive Maumere bay. We will dive along the walls and ridges looking for sharks and other denizens of the deep. The landscape is a postcard like paradise with white sand beaches and turquoise blue water. After lunch on our last diving day, we depart for a cultural tour in the village of Watublapi. We are welcomed by the village women with a reception of music, songs and dances. Dressed in exquisite ikat, the ladies show us their traditional methods for weaving the unique textiles.

Day 12: Thanks for joining us!
After breakfast, it is time to say farewell. Transport has been arranged to transfer you the airport for your onward flight. We wish you a safe journey and hope you have enjoyed your time on the Adelaar!

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