Discover ‘Jet Out and Cruise’, our exclusive and customized private charter on Adelaar.

Indonesia is a vast archipelago of more than 17.000 islands, offering endless possibilities for liveaboard cruises and private charters! This tour is only an example of a specialized journey that we can organize for you, your friends, or your family. All of our private charters are entirely customized according to your personal preferences.

We start the journey by seaplane!

Enjoy a private flight over the beautiful Indonesian archipelago aboard a private seaplane. On takeoff there is a stunning view of Bali’s 3 volcanoes: Mt Agung, Mt Batur, and Mt Batu Karu. Flying over Lombok, there is the majestic view of Mt Rinjani, then onward to Moyo Island, located North Sumbawa. The flight is operated in partnership with Bali’s premier seaplane agency. The descent into a quiet bay in Moyo, we land near Adelaar where our crew have been waiting for your arrival.

We welcome you aboard Adelaar, where our Steward has cool drinks waiting. Our crew will take care of getting your luggage onboard, while you relax on deck and prepare for life at sea!

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Enjoy intimate land excursions throughout your private charter
Moyo island’s stunning waterfalls

Moyo Island is the first stop of your private journey, as charming on land as it is by sea. The island is a splendid nature reserve, home to a wide range of species: water buffalo, deer, wild boars, as well as a large variety of birds and exotic butterflies. This enchanting scenery is surrounded by crystal clear water and beautiful coral reefs. Sometimes we can even spot whale sharks, who venture out of the bay on their way to parts unknown.

Water activities are a must! We can organize snorkeling, diving, kayaking in a quiet bay. Then it is back aboard for a splendidly prepared lunch prepared by Wayan and Made, our Balinese chefs.

A trip ashore to the local fishing village is planned for after lunch. A short dinghy ride takes us to the shore, and we take a walk though the village filled with plenty of laughing children anxious to see who has come to visit!

Continuing our excursion through the village, we walk along a path lined with living fences. We can see Teak trees, cashew trees, the occasional herd of goats, water buffalo relaxing in the water holes.  In the end we reach our destination: an amazing waterfall, one of Moyo’s highlights!

Once back onboard, we look back along the shoreline and see that the trees are filled with flying foxes hanging in masses, with wings carefully folded around their young ones. At dusk, the sight of thousands of bats leaving their roost and heading for their feeding grounds is a magnificent spectacle.

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Komodo island’s endemic species

We continue cruising eastwards, and make our way toward Komodo National Park, a highlight of this itinerary.

Komodo is a designated world heritage site, and is a protected conservation area. The area is a strict no-take zone and fishing is restricted in most areas. Visitors are required to register and there are strict rules in place. The marine life is so diverse, it is home to more than 76% of coral species, and 37% of reef fish species worldwide! Fun fact, you could get the chance to dive with 6 of the world’s 7 marine turtle species. Exciting, isn’t it?

Our first stop will be Komodo island, one of only two places in the world where these prehistoric Komodo dragons exist in the wild (the other one is just a few miles away). Trekking alone is forbidden, and all excursions are guided by the local rangers.

Keep an eye up high in the trees! You might spot a juvenile Komodo dragon hunting insects, rodents, or small birds. Surprisingly, they live in the trees until they are 2 years old!

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The Komodo National Park and its vibrant underwater life are also ideal for water activities! If you’re a fan of pelagic encounters, we will take you to the best spots to meet Manta rays, turtles, macro life, and other amazing marine species.

Psssst, you know what? Komodo is just as stunning on the surface than it is below! Enjoy one of the many sunset viewpoints with your friends or family, sipping a cold drink we will prepare for you. Stroll through the magical scenery of Pink Beach, also called the Hidden Paradise. Hike to the top of Padar island, one of the highlights of Komodo National Park. It offers one of its most scenic views! Colors of the sea and land change depending on what time of the day you reach the top, definitely a must-see!

Sangeang volcano

During the journey, we will make a stop to the majestic Sangeang volcano, on our way back to Bali. It forms a small 13km wide island. From time to time, you can catch sight of its smoke from Adelaar’s upper deck. This area is perfect for a unique diving experience! Sulfuric bubbles make their way from the black sand to the surface, giving the impression of being in an underwater jacuzzi!

For guests looking for a more relaxing experience, a massage with hot stones heated by volcanic gas will be an ideal option!

The icing on the cake? We usually see dolphins on the way! They like to swim close to the bow to say hello.

Satonda island, a place where everything becomes possible

We will go ashore on Satonda island, an extinct volcano, with a saltwater lake filling the crater. Take a short hike from the shore to the crater rim for a full view of the lake. The old ranger from years past used to tell us about the violent eruption of Mount Tambora in 1815, which created a tsunami that filled the crater to form the lake.

You can hike up to the high edge of the crater for a spectacular view of the entire island, but be warned it has very steep portions. Alternatively, you can down to the lakeside where you’ll find the ‘wishing trees’. Tie a rock onto the tree branches, and make a wish! If your wish comes true, you are bound to return to the island to offer thanks.

Enjoy many activities at your own pace

Make the most of your private charter in Indonesia. There will always be a dive, an activity, an excursion, to fulfill everyone’s dreams onboard.

Do you fancy water activities? Snorkel at the base of an active volcano, or scuba dive to discover Indonesia’s vibrant marine life. Kayak over crystal clear water in a quiet bay and try your skills with our Stand-Up-Paddle boards.

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Get ready for a unique cruising experience!

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