It seems logical to say that a family holiday has benefits for everyone. But have you ever wondered why? Read on to find out the reasons why you should take your next family vacation as soon as possible (on the Adelaar?)

1 – The planning

The excitement and anticipation of a vacation make one happier and more focused, even at work. This is due to the brain releasing more ‘feel-good’ hormones giving you a sense of contentment. The daily routine feels easier to handle than usual, as the departure approaches. Involving the kids in the planning process and research for the family holiday can also be a fun and bonding activity.

2 – Disconnect to reconnect

In your daily routine, chances are that you are very tied up in your work. This often translates to not spending as much time with your family as you would want, at least doing the things that matter to you. Chores or busy mornings and evenings are not exactly the optimal way to spend quality time. Holidays break up the norm. You don’t spend as much time thinking about work (if any). Now there’s more time for play and heartfelt conversations. The Adelaar does offer free WiFi onboard, but we won’t tell your boss or customers. Additionally, the signal coverage is not available in all areas of our Komodo or Alor cruises.

3 – Relax and recharge

You know that you need it. Work is stressful no matter what your responsibilities. Being a full-time mom is very challenging and tiring. Although we often forget, being a kid is hard! We may only remember good memories but school can cause stress on your child. Homework, bullies, friendships, peer pressure are only a few of the daily challenges they face every day. Relaxing is important for every family member and a family holiday away from home is the perfect way to do it! Especially if you are a bit of a workaholic!

4 – New experiences

Wherever you may go, you are guaranteed to experience new things. The journey to the destination is often as much an adventure as the vacation itself. Again, out of routine comes extraordinary things. If you head to a country such as Indonesia, there is a whole new culture, architectural style, cuisine, etc. Every step is an opportunity to be amazed together. And there is no better way to try new things than in the safe, comfortable and loving environment of a family. Maybe your kids will be learning to scuba dive in a pristine destination such as Komodo?

5 – Education

Each new experience is also a learning experience. The cuisine, the culture, the geography, the encounters, all give you endless occasions to teach yourself and your children. You will come back from your holiday as a better person who knows a little more than before visiting this new place. You will have grown together as a family.

6 – Bond as a family

There is no denying that the improved play time, experiences and lessons learned together will strengthen relationships. You will have more chances to take care of each other throughout your time abroad. Being on a family holiday gives you that extra time to listen and care in a more profound way than if you were at home. Reconnect with your partner and nurture your children.

7 – Build memories

Holidays unfortunately do not last forever. However, you will have built incredible positive memories of your trip. It has been proven that positive memories last longer than bad ones. This seems like a great excuse to create as many happy memories as possible. Can you recall some of your best stories? Most are usually created on holidays. Time to go build fun family memories on vacation!

8 – Boost health

At home, you just don’t get as much time as you wished to take care of yourself. On holidays, you have all the time in the world and it’s easier to get physical exercise. Hit the slopes if you’re into skiing or get underwater if you love to scuba! You also generally spend more time outdoors in the sun (do wear reef-friendly protection) which gives you a boost of vitamin D. The relaxing time is also important to maintain a good mental health. Vacations are an all-round health boost.

9 – Reunion

Nowadays, modern families can be spread far and wide across the world. Many parents move to the other side of the country, or even abroad. It becomes complicated to see the grandparents or uncles and aunts outside of special holidays such as Christmas. Although technology is a great tool to stay in touch nowadays, nothing beats physical contact. A family holiday is the perfect occasion for a proper reunion. The Adelaar is equipped with four exquisite teak interior cabins and can welcome up to 10 snorkelers or 9 divers on a private charter.

10 – Happier and smarter kid(s)

Improved social awareness, new challenges, growth… All of the above and more really can benefit your kid(s) during your vacation. Read the full detailed article about the science behind how holidays make your child happier and smarter. Of course, this is good for you too!

This article was written by Laura, lover of all things water, passionate diver and ocean advocate.