Diving in Bali before your trip on the Adelaar, our selection: Menjangan, Nusa Penida, Tulamben & Padangbai

Simply hearing the name conjures up visions of a tropical paradise. If you are arriving from Europe most likely you will be landing in the Bali airport before your Eastward bound journey to Komodo. Although there is so much to see and do, many of our divers opt for a few days of Bali diving before traveling to Komodo.

The diversity of Bali diving truly deserves its own mention. Shipwrecks, drop-offs, sandy slopes, black volcanic seascapes, roaring currents, and calm quiet bays… there is something to satisfy every diver.

Discover Bali’s underwater world as an add-on to your Adelaar Komodo cruise. Adelaar’s dive guests like to add a day or two of diving before embarking on their journey eastward to Komodo. This also acts as a warm-up dive before your 11-day diving journey ahead. Visit the famous WW2 Liberty shipwreck in Tulamben or hunt for Oceanic Sunfish at Nusa Penida! We will be able to arrange day trips for you from your hotel, or perhaps you prefer a 2 day 1-night safari with a hotel stay at Menjangan Island.

best diving spots in Bali

Bali diving – Explore Mola Mola & Mantas in South Bali

The Balinese believe the dry islands of Nusa Penida are haunted, but divers from around the world brave these superstitions and are drawn to the promise of Sunfish in crystal clear waters and the current swept reefs. Strong currents and cold waters bring nutrients, which in turn attract these larger pelagic species. Many believe the 400-meter deep channel that divides Nusa Penida and Nusa Ceningan is the hiding spots of Mola-molas year-round, but they only surface to the shallow parts when the cold currents come from July to October. Nusa Penida can often prove to be challenging, so we often recommend divers have their Advanced Open Water certification to join a trip.

Bali diving – Explore East Bali

Padang Bai is a shallow lagoon with beautiful coral and calm gentle conditions. A great place for a check dive before embarking on your Komodo Liveaboard. Common sightings include hairy frogfish, turtles and if you are lucky you’ll meet the resident Rhinopia.

Gili Tepekong – The islands in this bay are actually little more than current swept rocks, with an untamed beauty. The islets, which are fed by the rich south Bali upwelling, host schools of fish as well as big pelagics. Often seen here are reef sharks, also a good chance of seeing Mola-Mola fish during the months of July – September.

Bali diving – Explore Exciting North East Bali

Tulamben, home of the famous WWII Liberty shipwreck, is the most known and the best-loved dive site in Bali. This is an easy dive with highlights such as bumphead parrotfish, Spanish dancers, and of course exploring an eerie shipwreck that survived a volcanic eruption! Try a dawn dive or a night dive here.

Bali diving – Exploring Serene North West Bali

The reefs of Northwest Bali are some of the most protected on the island. Clear calm waters, a mysterious old wooden shipwreck, and pristine gorgonian covered walls make Menjangan Island, on Bali’s northwest coast, a premier dive site. Due to the travel distance from South Bali, we recommend spending at least 1 night in North Bali. Ask us for our recommended 2 days 1 night Menjangan exploration safari today.