Join us on a Triton Bay diving liveaboard adventure to explore the stunning underwater world of Indonesia. Discover the vibrant soft and hard corals, unique “bagans” (floating fishing platforms), and mesmerizing marine life of Triton Bay, including the chance to encounter whale sharks and other exotic species. Our itinerary also includes Little Komodo, a hidden gem in Triton Bay known for its stunning coral gardens and diverse marine life. Plus, we’ll take you to Momon waterfall, where you can enjoy a refreshing swim and soak in the beauty of the surrounding rainforest.

But that’s not all – our adventure also extends to Misool, where you can dive in one of the most pristine and diverse marine environments on the planet. Explore the breathtaking coral gardens, swim alongside manta rays, and witness the awe-inspiring beauty of Misool’s vibrant underwater world.

Triton Bay & Misool

11 nights / 33 dives

Triton bay & Misool (Kaimana – Sorong)

Day 1 Kaimana
Our team is standing by to collect you from the airport, or from your hotel and transfer you to the harbour.  Spend your first day on Adelaar settling in and getting acquainted with the boat, the crew, and your fellow guests. Enjoy the amazing views as we navigate toward the first night’s anchorage. Weather permitting, we will prepare the al fresco dining area for the first of many of our tasty meals.

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Day 2 Aiduma
The along the coast of the karst island of Aiduma in the Aru Sea there are numerous little coves, islets and underwater formations with unique topography that are covered in dense soft coral growth. Fish life is profuse and features schools of snappers, sweetlips and fusiliers as well as napoleon wrasses, large groupers and wobbegong sharks. (3 day dives, 1 night dive)

Day 3 Dramai
The southern most point of our voyage is the island of Dramai. The waters surrounding this island are a sheer fish lover’s paradise. Reminiscent of rush hours in a big city, schools of different species of snappers, sweetlips, surgeonfish, batfish, fusiliers, jacks and other species make it so dense, it is difficult for divers to get a glimpse of the unique topography. The coral studded underwater formations include massive overhangs and swim throughs. With a bit of luck, we may even encounter oceanic manta rays. (3 day dives, 1 night dive)

Day 4 Iris Strait
There is a regular through-flow of water in the Iris Strait between mainland New Guinea and Aiduma Island. This steady supply of nutrients triggers a veritable explosion of coral growth. Healthy areas dominated by enormous hard coral formations are interchanged with slopes covered in immense black coral bushes. The surrounding area is literally invaded by the largest and most colourful soft coral gardens that exist. All of this benthic life attracts schools of fish and squadrons of mobula rays. (3 day dives, 1 night dive)

Day 5 Triton Bay
The diving in Triton Bay is unique, as the small islands act as fish magnets and feature exquisite coral growth of both hard and soft corals. The bay is home to a plethora of critters such as pygmy seahorses, leopard and tiger shrimps, endemic flasher wrasses or rare cephalopods. On night dives in this bay, be on the lookout for Triton Bay’s endemic walking shark. A structure resembling a huge underwater coral caldera is one of the topographic features of this area. Another topside highlight is our speedboat tour through the maze of the large Triton Bay lagoon with its countless hidden bays and channels surrounded by unique karst rock formations. (3 day dives, 1 night dive)

Day 6 Namatote
If your trip happens to fall around a new moon, we will spend the day in the north of the island of Namatote. There, we visit the traditional outrigger fishing platforms that are regularly visited by what the fishermen refer to as ‘mothers of fish’, i.e. the world’s largest fish, the majestic whalesharks. Closer to full moon whaleshark sightings are rare. During such times we will concentrate on the dive sites south of Namatote with their pinnacles, caverns, swim-throughs, and black coral forests. On one special rock cliff only visible by boat we can see prehistoric rock art, evidence of the culture of the region’s earlier human inhabitants. After Namatote we leave the Triton Bay area and start our journey to the North. (3 day dives)

Day 7 Momon
The Momon Area of New Guinea is without a doubt one of the highlights for photographers. The very photogenic Kiti Kiti waterfall falls directly out of the vibrant jungle and into a turquoise sea. For those who are up for a land excursion, there are opportunities to venture into the forest a jungle trek. But first, there will be dives along the seamounts off the coast, known for their big schools of big eye trevallies, sharks, pelagic fish and oceanic manta rays. (3 day dives)

Day 8 Pisang
We stopover in the Pisang archipelago off the Fakfak coast, before reaching Raja Ampat. Its ridges, seamounts and walls attract schooling batfish, reef sharks, leopard sharks and eagle rays. Just after the last afternoon dive, we raise the sails and start the final crossing to Raja Ampat in style. (3 day dives)

Day 9 Misool – Wayilbatan
Wayilbatan is one of many miniature archipelagos off Raja Ampat’s southernmost region of Misool. Its seamounts and limestone outcroppings are among Raja’s finest and most diverse dive sites. Already spectacular from a topographical point of view, the coral coverage is vast with many unique critters and extremely rich in fish life. (3 day dives, 1 night dive)

Day 10 Misool – Daram
The area surrounding Daram is littered with impressive coral studded underwater limestone formations, bathed in fish. Schooling barracudas, Spanish mackerels, batfish and trevallies are common here. The sea fan forests of Daram are a home to Raja Ampat’s endemic ‘Santa Claus’ pygmy seahorse. (3 day dives)

Day 11 Batanta
Batanta, located in Part of Raja Ampat’s central section, offers divers a wide diversity of options. Explore macro heavens and mandarin fish sites, drift along pristine reefs to manta aggregation points. The area is also a spectacular destination for land-based activities. Trek to waterfalls, keeping an eye out for birds of paradise or hornbill nesting sites. (2 day dives)

Day 12 Sorong
After breakfast, it is time to say goodbye and disembark – until the next time.

(Actual itinerary might vary depending on weather and sea conditions)

Triton Bay & Misool Kaimana-Sorong

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